Academic Advocacy Network

What is the AAN?

The Academic Advocacy Network (AAN) is a student-led system of academic advocacy coordinated by the UQ Union. With representatives across Schools and Faculties, the role of AAN is to speak up on students’ behalf for all academic matters. By making the student body’s voice heard, we can effect positive change and ensure that all students are receiving the best possible education.

Examples of issues you could give feedback on:

  • Courses

  • Assessment

  • Program & major

  • Facilities & resources (e.g. availability of computers with specific software)

  • Rules and procedures (e.g. rules around extensions)

If you’d like to see a change in the way that your education is delivered, reach out to your Academic Advocacy Network representative from the list below.

How to reach out

Email who you think is the most relevant representative. For example, if you are an engineering student and have a specific chemical engineering issue, reach out to the School of Chemical Engineering representative. If you have a broader engineering issue, for example with the Bachelor of Engineering, reach out to the Engineering representative group listed in our information page.

  • Outline your issue in as much detail as possible

  • Describe any action you have already taken on this issue. Perhaps you have already brought it up with the course coordinator but didn’t receive a response

Not sure who to reach out to? Check the ECP and see which School runs the course. Otherwise, just email the Faculty representative group for your study area and your enquiry will be directed to the right person.

For all other general queries regarding AAN, reach out to Vice President (Student Rights) Samara Paradine at

Current campaigns

Placement Bursaries

Got placement this sem? UQU is currently offering Placement Bursaries for those who may be in need of financial support during your placement. Find out if you’re eligible and apply for the bursary!
Thank you for having your say! The consultation period for this campaign has now ended. The Union has collated the findings and is now lobbying UQ to implement the changes that students have called for.

Previous campaigns

Poverty on Placement

A big thank you to everyone that supported the Poverty on Placement campaign! And a special thank you to the over 350 students who shared their stories with us. You can now read the report we have presented to the University.