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Disability Officer UQU 2022

Hi, I’m Alicia (she/her). I’m studying a Bachelor of Science degree with a particular interest in psychology, microbiology, and neuroscience. I have a neurological disorder, which includes tics and seizures, so I often miss classes and need to catch up. I became involved with the Disability Collective because I was dissatisfied with how the university was accommodating me and other students with disability.

2022 is my second year as Disability Officer. In 2021 I strived to reinvigorate the collective, which included renaming and rebranding, recruiting new members, and building a strong executive committee to support our Disability Officers. In 2022 I’d like to continue the advocacy work we started last year and build our community so that together our voices will be heard.

I’d like to see the Disability Collective become a leader among Australian universities, improving disability inclusion and education equity for students at UQ and beyond. I hope we will be an example of what can be achieved when students with disabilities work together for better outcomes.

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