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VP Campus Culture - UQU 2020 Executive

I am in my fourth year of a Bachelor of Business Management/Bachelor of Arts dual degree. I am majoring in marketing and Spanish and plan to finish my studies in 2021. 

My interest in working for the UQU stems from a strong passion for clubs and societies (C&S) at UQ. After getting heavily involved with UQIC (UQ Interfaculty Competitions) and UQMAS (UQ Marketing and Advertising Society), both in the role of Treasurer in 2019, I developed a deep admiration for the tireless work and commitment demonstrated by the student executives of C&S. I firmly believe that involvement in C&S at UQ is an incredibly rewarding and enriching experience. It not only allows students to develop their leadership and problem-solving skills but provides them with a strong sense of community and belonging. By working for the UQU I aim to create an accessible and welcoming C&S environment within which each student at UQ feels inclined to join. 

In my term as C&S VP I aspire to increase student participation and help demonstrate the overwhelming benefits of getting involved in extracurricular activities. I would like to provide more professional development opportunities, create a successful rewards system for clubs making positive changes for their members and the wider community, and be a reliable support person to those involved. With over 230 clubs and societies and counting, there is truly a place for every member of our community to get involved and enhance their student experience at UQ.