Here is a description relating to our Student Executives

VP Student Rights - UQU 2020 Executive

The UQ Union is the elected body that represents all students at UQ. We strongly support student representation and believe that the importance of independent voices is paramount. As student representatives, you form the link between the student body and university decision makers.

You have the rare opportunity to shape the delivery of education at UQ for the better. The role of student representatives in raising the student voice is indispensable in achieving good outcomes for students. Ultimately, all decisions that are made at UQ impact students, so, truly positive change can
only occur when the university listens to the collective student voice.

The UQ Union has a highly significant role in representation. We sit on many of the top level committees at UQ and we coordinate the Academic Advocacy Network – a network of student representatives on committees at the School and Faculty level that helps us more effectively advocate for students.