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VP Gender & Sexuality - UQU 2020 Executive

I am studying a dual Economics/Arts (Philosophy and International Relations Majors) along with a Diploma of Languages (Russian) and my current expected completion date is 2023.

I wanted to be a part of the Union as I have an immense passion for student advocacy and action. Knowing the power that the Union has to positively impact on the lives of tens of thousands of students that call UQ home, it’s humbling to have the opportunity to give back to an organisation that has done so much for me. As a member of the LGBTIQ+ community, I understand the need for clear direction and representation within a community as large as the University of Queensland and I see the Union as the pinnacle body to achieve this. 

The Sexuality portfolio is incredibly important to me, as it empowers students from diverse and traditionally underrepresented backgrounds to build a community on campus around a shared set of ideals. Through the Queer Collective, events on and off campus, and passion filled campaigns, this portfolio truly builds an accepting student body and allows for students to build meaningful memories. 

During my time as a Vice President for Gender and Sexuality, I am aiming to increase the presence of the Queer Collective at UQ through a number of organisational restructures and innovative campus events. Advocating for Queer Students not only at St Lucia, but across all of our campuses will be a primary focus of mine to ensure that UQ remains a positive and safe place to be for all students, regardless of how you identify.