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Disability Officer UQU 2022

They/Them, He/him


Hiya! I’m Elias, I am one of the UQU Disability Officers for this year. I am in my fourth year of a Bachelor of Information Technology, majoring in User Experience, with a focus on designing technology for those with disabilities. Last year I was the VP of Gender and Sexuality, and for the past three years I have been heavily involved in both Disability Collective and Queer Collective.

As your Disability Officer I aim to advocate on your behalf to UQ, and to continue to create an inclusive, accessible and welcoming collective with you. Out of Alicia and myself I will be more focused on welfare and events, coordinating things from fun craftafternoons to Mental Health First Aid training sessions. If you want us to run a specific event or have a suggestion feel free to swing me an email or find me in UQUDC’s social media groups!

We have a room on Level 1 of the UQ Union complex, St Lucia, near the UQ dentist and bike shop. the Disability Room is a social quiet space to hide away in when UQ is busy, or if you just need space. It has three private rooms, an social space, and a kitchen. We will be running events throughout the semester in there, I would highly recommend popping in.

If you have any questions, just need to chat about disability matters at UQ, or are a bit lost with navigating UQ as a student with disabilities, feel free to contact me through the Facebook page, discord server, or my email:


Our social media’s are: