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VP Gender & Sexuality - UQU 2020 Executive

My name is Emily, I’m a fifth-year Commerce/Economics student and your Union Vice-President for Gender and Sexuality for 2020. I major in Accounting and Public Policy and intend to graduate at the end of 2020.

Over my life, I have made every effort to be an effective contributor to my community. I have always endeavoured to reciprocate the kindness and generosity of those who have built those organisations and to further improve them. Hence my motivation to become part of the UQ Union. I have been involved in student life over the past four years, in particular with my former residential college, St John’s College and UQBA where I held executive positions.

I have always been interested in women’s issues and have become incredibly passionate about equality, diversity, and the progression of women’s rights. My focus as the UQU’s VP of Gender and Sexuality is how to best approach improving our current systems and social environments for everyone. Each person as they go through their lives has different experiences and many are made on university campuses. I’m a practical person who hopes to facilitate, support and engage students in gender and sexuality issues. I hope to be an advocate and a supporter of students in my role.

I look forward to working for you all during 2020!