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President - UQU 2021 Executive


I began my term as UQ Union President on December 16th and am excited to represent you throughout 2021. The UQ Union will be a useful resource throughout your time at the University of Queensland. As per Australian legislation, you are charged a fee each semester you are enrolled at University for student services and amenities of a non-academic nature (SSAF), the revenue of which is shared amongst UQ Student Affairs, UQ Sport and us, your democratically elected student Union. We use our share of SSAF revenue and any profit from our 11 outlets to enhance your campus experience with student-led events, offer support, give opportunities to form communities with likeminded people and advocate for you on a number of University committees. As an institution, we also have a rich history of activism where student union representatives have organised campaigns for a better world.

One vital service we are proud to provide is our free and confidential ‘Student Advocacy and Support‘ service, through which our experienced staff may assist you with academic, visa, job preparation, welfare & wellbeing and legal matters. We also facilitate a number of autonomous collectives for minority, special interest and community groups, and have 220+ affiliated clubs and societies which also serve to connect you to likeminded students who share your interests.

As President I am dedicated to ensuring that our Union is a transparent organisation which revives campus life, fights for your rights and isn’t afraid to advocate for student issues to the University administration and Government. If you have any issues or concerns you want to raise, or even just have questions, feel free to come to our office in the UQ Union Complex and have a chat with us.