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VP Gender & Sexuality - UQU 2021 Executive


My name is Emily Searle and I’m the 2021 Women’s Officer for the UQU!

I ran for this position because of the opportunity it presented to be an advocate for gender equality and to critique the patriarchy. I have been steadfast in my feminist values for many years which makes me suited to this role, as well as my history of humanitarian efforts and executive positions in various clubs and societies.

My goals for this year are to increase active membership to the Women’s Collective, improve inclusivity towards intersectional women and other marginalised genders, and to co-ordinate fresh events and initiatives that engage and support the community.

We’re also planning to re-vamp the Women’s Rooms at both St. Lucia and Gatton campuses to make them a more welcoming and functional environment.

I look forward to a year of working alongside the passionate wom*n of UQ to advocate, grow and push boundaries.