Ethan Van Roo Douglas

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Secretary - UQU 2019 Executive

My name is Ethan, I’m a fourth-year Law/Arts student and your Union Secretary for 2019.

At school, studying at UQ was my dream, and since starting here in 2016 I’ve been active and engaged in student life and culture. I’m passionate about this place and the people in it, and I see my role in the Union as a vessel for making a lasting improvement to the UQ student experience.

The UQ Union has a long, proud history of providing crucial services and support to students, and this will never change. UQ is a world-class institution, and it is our job in the UQ Union to ensure that the support available to students is also world-class. We must remain innovative, we must remain agile, and we must adapt to the ever-changing demands of tertiary study in the 21st Century.

That said, being at UQ is more than just about study. I, like so many others, was drawn to UQ by its unique culture, heritage, and identity. I’m a Queenslander born and bred, and nothing makes me feel more at home than Jacarandas, sandstone, and the collected works of Cold Chisel. For me, the Union is the custodian of this campus culture, and it is our job to ensure that every student who comes through here leaves UQ with more than just a degree – with lifelong friends, treasured memories, and a lasting sense of identity.

They say that your university years are the best of your life. We’re here to make sure that they are.