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President - UQU 2019 Executive

I’m studying Law/Arts (majoring in International Relations), and should be finished midway through 2021.

The UQ Union is a 111-year-old institution which acts as the peak representative for the UQ student body. It is a massive privilege to lead an organisation that can advocate for young people in such a powerful way. I want to make sure that students aren’t getting an unfair deal from their university, I that their rights and needs are adequately represented, and that students have a university experience that is memorable for all the right reasons.

As President, your roles and responsibilities change day-to-day. I spend a lot of time overseeing UQU’s Vice-Presidents, and ensuring that they have the support they need to do their job to the absolute best of their ability. In any one day, I can go from planning UQU’s new ‘Student Voice’ advocacy strategy to giving input on the development of UQU’s new bar, cafe and function space in Building 41, to asking Vice-Chancellor Peter Hoj if we can use the Great Court to host UQU’s O-Week Party. Luckily, I love to keep busy – you never know what another day in this job can bring!

UQU has a lot to do in 2019! We will be restructuring our VP portfolios to align with some of the best student unions in the world. For example, our previous ‘Student Rights’ portfolio will be split into two VPs, titled ‘Community’ and ‘Academic Advocacy’. We’ll also be doing a lot of work on our international student portfolios, formalising the role into one international officer for careers and advocacy and one officer for cultural events. I’ll also be working on the huge redevelopment of the UQ Union complex – given that UQ is planning to build a $250 million new building where ours currently stands, there is a lot to oversee!