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VP Gender & Sexuality - UQU 2022 Executive

My name is Greta (she/her), and I am your Women’s Officer Gender & Sexuality Vice President for 2022. Currently studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science, I am passionate about supporting your journey through university with regards to your wellbeing and mental health, whilst also advocating for the issues that are important to you.

My goals for 2022 are ensuring you can access the services and support you need, championing causes that represent you and providing informative resources and events to enable you in your studies. I also plan on expanding the free period product initiative across St Lucia, to Gatton, Herston and PACE.

For too long the disclosures of women at this university have been diminished and brushed under the carpet. We should honour the women who have come before and those to come in the future, by ensuring this institution is amenable, answerable, and liable with regards to issues surrounding sexual assault, harassment, and discrimination.

Always feel free to make contact with me while being ensured that I will support and encourage you, and respect your confidences in any matter.