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VP Student Rights - UQU 2020 Executive

My name is Gus; I’m an Arts student heading into my third year of study with majors in International Relations and Political Science, as well as one of your UQ Union Student Rights VPs for 2020.

After spending my first two years at UQ as a volunteer within the student rights portfolio, first by helping in programs such as Morning Marmalade and Kampus Kitchen, and later by becoming the responsible supervisor of the popular free dinner service in 2019, I decided to put my hand up for the bigger role in 2020. Being run for students, and by students, places the UQ Union in a position to be the natural advocate of the needs, and desires of all those who choose to study at UQ, to guarantee that your student experience is the best that it can possibly be.

This year I plan to improve Kampus Kitchen (free dinner service), stand up for students’ welfare, and build on the work of my predecessor to expand the Union’s volunteering program to provide volunteers with greater opportunities throughout the year.

As Student Rights VP, it is my job to provide you with services which empower you and make your time and experience on campus easier, fairer, and above all, better.

Let’s begin this new decade strongly!