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VP Campus Culture - UQU 2021 Executive


Hi I’m Heisen, I’m your 2021 VP of campus culture. This is my third year at UQ, studying Bachelor of Psychological science.

I’ve been quite actively involved in international clubs for the past two years. Benefited from my rich experience of working for an external advisory agency for international students, I’ve gained a strong skill set of marketing and management. I have used my skills to assist clubs with risk managements in events planning and building productive partnership with businesses. The experiences of working with these clubs have been really inspiring, I’m constantly amazed by their dedication into providing students with better experiences. I believe that working as a student executive can put me in a better position, so I can help these amazing people to fulfil their ideals.

Working as C&S execs can be time consuming, it is my wish to make the times more rewarding, for both the execs and the students they are looking after. I’m building a plan which I will connect with wider community, to bring more professional development and possible career opportunities for C&S execs. On top of that, I’m working on rewards scheme to support the clubs who are overachieving, delivering joy and positive impacts on the students’ lives. Being an international student representation in the union, I have a deep understanding that we can easily isolate ourselves. This year I will work with the execs, so international students are more engaged in C&S, for this will bring unforgettable memories in their uni lives.

After a challenging year, it is time we start to rebuild an engaging campus culture, we are looking forward to enjoy it with you.