Disability Officer UQU 2023

Heya! I’m Jordy (They/Them) and I’m one of your Disability Officers alongside Sian! I’m a Bachelor of Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management/Arts students with a focus on event management. Outside of university, I spend my time binge watching tv series sitcoms and fantasy/sci-fi series, reading and gaming.  As one of your Disability Officers, I am passionate about advocating for disability rights and share a keen interest towards addressing the issues and barriers of accessibility and discrimination towards the disabled community and advocating for better support.

In my role as Disability Officer, I am very passionate about building social connectedness and awareness within the community and look forward to organising awareness stalls and events that will help towards providing further opportunities within the Collective that continue to build social connectedness, advocacy and awareness within the community. If you ever have any queries or concerns, always feel free to reach out to me on jordy.duffey@uqu.com.au