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VP Campus Culture - UQU 2022 Executive

Hi, I’m Justin (they/them), one of your Campus Culture VP for 2022. I am currently completing my third year of BA/BSc majoring in Ecology, Anthropology and Philosophy.

My main objective is to provide avenues for students to engage with the union, and with one another, in the spirit of respect and solidarity. As we have experienced in the past two years of pandemic inflicted hardships, there’s nothing more valuable than a community that has your back.

I’m enthused to continue the work of community building on campus, by bringing quality union events to you.

We hope that throughout your time studying at UQ, it will become a space that you fall in love with, as memories of joy engrave itself within the sandstones and amongst the jacarandas, waiting one day to be rediscovered.

Please feel free to reach out for any questions, comments, and concerns.