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Treasurer - UQU 2019 Executive

Hello, my name is Nathan. I’m a 5th-year Economics and Commerce student and this year I’m proud to be your UQ Union Treasurer.

I have been involved in student life over the past three years, first as an elected representative on my residential college’s student club and last year as the UQ Union College’s officer. During my time at UQ, I’ve been able to experience some of the best things the Union has to offer, like making new friends at clubs and societies events, enjoying great food at our outlets and spending far too much time down at the Reddo. As Treasurer, it is my role to oversee the finances of the Union and make sure that our great programs services are run efficiently, ensuring that your student money is used on the things that make your time at UQ the best it can be.

2019 promises to be a big year and I can’t wait to deliver for you the same amazing campus experience that I have been a part of for the last four years.