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International Officer - UQU 2023 Executive

My name is Rita(she/her), and I’m one of your UQU International Students Officers for 2023. Now I’m in my third year of my Bachelor of Psychological Science.

As your international student officer, I am passionate about increasing cultural diversity,  and helping you better adapt to the study life at UQ. The international collective will carry out a variety of activities in 2023, including academic guidance, mental health support, and our upcoming international food festival! Woo~Food!!

Remember to visit our International Collectives Room down on level 2 (near the RedRoom), and you will see a group of enthusiastic people from you, and just there for you (。・ω・。).I know it’s not easy to come to a foreign country from your hometown,so if you have any ideas, concerns, or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me at!