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International Officer - UQU 2020 Executive

Dear fellow students of UQ, I’m currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science (Agribusiness) which is expected to be finished by the end of 2020. 

I strongly believe that UQU, comparatively, has a stronger voice in advocating for, representing and including all the students in UQ regardless of faculties, levels of studies, backgrounds, and interests. As a student of UQ, I have seen countless students having challenges in their studies and work while trying to have a balanced life. This, hence, has motivated me to join UQU and champion a supportive, inclusive and welcoming community in UQ. 

The International Department (Culture & Community) portfolio ensures that the international students are experiencing a rich campus culture through intercultural events and communication channels of UQU. 

As an elected International Student Officer of 2020, my role would highly be involved in providing a support system and a sense of community for my fellow students. I’ll be working closely with VP (Campus Culture) and VP (C&S) to ensure that the role of international students has been considered in every level of decision making. 

This year, together with the UQU, I’m looking forward to fabricating a home away from home for all the international students.