Disability Officer UQU 2023

Hiya! I’m Sian (she/they) and I’m one of the UQU Disability Officers for 2023. I hope to continue fostering a safe, inclusive, and accessible community at UQ for all people with a disability, chronic illness, mental illness, neurodivergency, hearing or visual impairment, or who are d/Deaf or blind. To do this, I’ll be working alongside Jester and our awesome exec team to run a range of social, and educational events, as well as advocating for better accessibility for everyone.

Connection and community are incredibly important for people who experience any form of disability and getting involved with the collective is a great way to be part of that. Through connection, support, and advocacy, I hope that we can contribute to creating positive experiences for disabled students and be a leading example of what can be achieved when students with disabilities come together.