Do you need help with a University decision?

Our Academic Advocacy team are experienced in understanding University of Queensland rules and policies, and assisting UQ students to meet requirements for university decisions.

If you have been issued a notice from the university and are not sure what to do, then Student Advocacy & Support can assist you.

This page contains information about each of the appointments for our Academic Advocacy service as well as resources to use regarding education and equity.

Academic Appointments Available

By clicking on the ‘book an appointment’ button above you can make an appointment for one of the following:
  • Appeals
  • Change to finalised results
  • Equity, discrimination & harassment
  • Withdrawing and fee reimbursement
  • Grievance/complaints resolution
  • Re-marks/ assessment issues
  • Show cause applications
  • Student misconduct

Academic Advocacy Resources

How To Write Your Show Cause Letter

We understand how stressful a show cause notice can be. Download our helpful show cause resources below.
Needing to lodge an Appeal? Unsure of the process? Follow this guide on how to do so.
Have you been given an allegation notice of Student Misconduct? Don’t stress! Click on the link below for what to do next.
Wanting to Withdraw Without Academic Penalty? Click the link below to see how.
Wanting to Remove Financial Liability? Click below for our Tip Sheet!

Academic Advocacy FAQs

I have applied for a deferred exam. However, I am still sick and cannot attend the deferred exam. What should I do?

  • As a deferred exam is the last chance to sit for an exam, there is no further deferral possible. If you are still sick on the date of the deferred exam, you may consider applying for withdrawal without academic penalty prior to the release of final results.
  • UQ policy and procedure recommends that students consider withdrawing from a course as soon as possible in the event of circumstances beyond your control. You can withdraw via mySi-net. Then apply for withdrawal without academic penalty prior to the release of finalised results via myUQ.
  • If you are an international student, please contact your faculty before withdrawing.
  • In general an extension can be approved for 7 days. If you are still unable to complete the assessment within the new time frame, you may need to consider withdrawal from the course.
  • You have the right to apply for a second extension, however it is not likely to be approved.
  • If you received a grade 3, you are eligible to apply for a supplementary exam. Please ensure you apply within 4 days of the release of grades via mySi-net
  • If your score is very close to the passing mark, you may be eligible to apply for a remark. Please make an appointment with the SAS team
  • No, you cannot. The late withdrawal is limited to 6 months.
  • If you have received a show cause notification, you must submit your application within 20 business days. You have an opportunity to appeal within 10 business days if your application is denied.
  • If your appeal application is not approved, UQ will recommend a 6 or 12 months’ interruption. When you are ready to return, you will need to write another show cause application before the due date (5th Jan for semester one and 30th June for semester two)
  • Part of the COE rule is that an international student must enrol in 4 courses. However, if you have a pre-existing medical condition and a doctor’s certificate (in English), you may apply to your faculty, prior to census date, for a reduced study load.
  • It would be wise to apply for “removal of academic penalty” first. When this application has been approved, then apply for “removal of financial liability” as this application has a longer timeframe. For further information please make an appointment with the SAS team 
  • Supplementary exams must be applied for no later than 12:00 midnight of the 4th calendar day after the finalised result release.
  • Late applications may be considered if you can demonstrate exceptional circumstances.
  • Submitting a false doctor’s certificate is a serious crime. This is a level 3 misconduct action. The penalty may include a G grade and years of suspension of your studies.
  • You should apply within 30 days after the release of finalised grades. You will need to demonstrate exceptional circumstances.
  • You can apply within 6 months of the release of finalised grades but you will need proof that it was not possible for you to apply within the 30 day period. For further information please make an appointment with the SAS team

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