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Knowing where to look for casual and part time jobs, and writing resumes and cover letters can be confusing, frustrating and time-consuming, especially when you also have uni to worry about. For many students finding employment while you study is a necessity and the Student Advocacy & Support Job Preparation service is here to help you learn the skills to find part time and casual work.

Job Preparation Appointments Available

By clicking on the ‘book an appointment’ button above you can make an appointment for one of the following:

Teach you how to write a cover letter and resume
Cover letters and resumes are important tools when seeking work. They can be time consuming to create and many people are unsure of what information to include and how to sell themselves. SAS’s employment advocate can give you pointers on how to write a resume with the right information that will make you stand out.

Show you where you can look to find jobs
Confused about the best ways to look for jobs? Don’t know whether to apply online or drop your resume into a business? Not sure what kind of jobs will fit in with your lifestyle? SAS’s employment advocate can help you figure out the best places to look for jobs, the best ways to apply for jobs, and give you an understanding about what type of part time or casual job will fit in with your studies and life.

Teach you what to do in a job interview
Many people get anxious before job interviews. It’s hard to know what you should and shouldn’t say, what you might expect to be asked, and how you can prepare. SAS’s employment advocate can teach you ways to make a good impression when interviewing with potential employers.

Review your scholarship application
Just like job applications, SAS’s employment advocate can go through your scholarship applications and give you advice and feedback on how it is written and if you are on the right track to writing a good application.

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