Student Advocacy and Support services are still available! If you choose not to attend campus, you can still access appointments with our SAS team by phone and Skype.

Advice and support for your education and visa enquiries

International students in Australia on a student visa is required to adhere to not just University rules but also their respective student visa conditions.

Providing current enrolled UQ students with confidential advice and professional support regarding your education and visa enquiries ranging from but not limited to enrollment & visa issues to Department of Home Affairs (DHA) and enrollment compliance notices.

This page contains information about each of the appointments for this service as well as resources to use. By clicking on the ‘book an appointment’ button you can make an appointments for one of the following:

Appointments available

  • UQ enrollment related visa issues
  • Practical visa advice
  • Student visa extensions
  • Student visa emergency assistance
  • Other student visa matters

We're here to support you!