Here to support you with pressures in your life

The SAS Welfare service is here to support you when you need it. We can help with matters regarding stress, emotional support, Centrelink, finances and other pressures that that impact on your life while you are studying.

Appointments available

This page contains information about each of the appointments for this service as well as resources to use. By clicking on the ‘book an appointment’ button you can make an appointments for one of the following:
Welfare and Wellbeing Appointments
Are you having difficulties at home or University? Feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Or maybe you’re just in need of some extra support? SAS’s Welfare Advocates are trained professionals that can help you with a whole range of issues to help you navigate life while you are at university.

Centrelink Appointments
Not sure where to start when applying for Centrelink? We can assist you with general Centrelink information and exploring your eligibility for Centrelink payments.

Financial First Aid
Are you having difficulties with you finances? SAS can provide you with the opportunity to talk to someone about your financial situation, discuss any immediate concerns and work towards practical ways of getting you back on top of your money.


Tips to Slash Your Grocery Bill

Your food bill is the largest bill outside of fixed expenses and therefore it is a great place to start to reduce your expenses. Here are some tips to help!

We're here to support you!