Gender Affirmation Bursaries

With UQU Queer Collective
With UQU Queer Collective

Gender Affirmation Bursary - Applications now open!

The UQU Queer Collective established the Gender Affirmation Bursaries initiative to help students facing financial hardship cover the expenses of gender affirming items, products, services and care.

It is envisioned that the bursaries would be a one-off payment used in such instances as:

  • To aid in the purchasing of gender affirming wear, such as binders or gaffs.

  • To aid in the purchasing of gender affirming medical treatment, such as hormones.

  • To aid in the cost of gender affirming services, such as voice training or gender counselling.

  • To aid in the cost of legal name changes or legal sex.

  • To access money to pay for any of the above items, products, or services when you are financially dependent on
    a person/people who it may cause harm or distress to come out to or who would not allow you to access

  • Any other reason deemed reasonable in helping a student with accessing gender affirming items, products,
    services, or care.

Eligibility Conditions
To apply for a transgender and gender diverse affirmation bursary you must:

  • Be a current UQ student.

  • By transgender, gender diverse, or questioning either of those.

  • Looking to obtain gender affirming items, products, services, or care.

  • Be experiencing financial hardship or insecurity which would impact your ability to access gender affirming
    items, products, or services.

  • Provide a statement describing how you are experiencing financial hardship, and evidence if relevant.

Gender Affirmation Bursary FAQs

How long will the Bursary Program be available?

Students can apply for the Gender Affirmation Bursary at any time of the year by booking a welfare appointment with a SAS advocate.
The criteria used to assess the student’s level of need will be:
  • The student’s current income (e.g. employment, Centrelink payments, scholarships, other income)
  • The expected costs of specific trans affirming items or services (e.g. binders/gaffs, legal name change)
  • The student’s personal circumstances (including but not limited to: whether the student is in control of their finances, whether the student has other expenses which means that they would have to choose whether to access gender affirming items/services or not etc.
The SAS advocate will discuss appropriate evidence that may need to be provided. This may include:
  • An explanation of your financial circumstances, such as income, if they are in control of their money, if they are facing financial hardship.
  • A list of expected expenses for gender affirming items or services