SHOC Welfare


are you in a tricky position and not sure where to start?

The SHOC Welfare service is designed to support you when you need it. We can help with matters regarding Centrelink, finances and life in general.


Appointments Available

The appointments below have been designed to support you through your studies. Click the 'book an appointment' button to see one of our Social Workers.

  • Centrelink information
  • Financial first aid
  • Welfare and wellbeing support

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Not sure where to start when applying for Centrelink? We can assist you with general Centrelink information and exploring your eligibility for Centrelink payments. If you have found it hard communicating with Centrelink, submitting your application or even understanding their website, we can help.

If you have received a debt recovery notice from Centrelink or a debt collection service, we are here to assist you and walk you through the process- free of charge! The SHOC team has also put together a list of other services who can also help you through this complex and stressful process.


Financial First Aid

Are you having difficulties with you finances? SHOC can provide you with the opportunity to talk to someone about your financial situation, discuss any immediate concerns and work towards practical ways of getting you back on top of your money.

Slash Your Grocery Bill


Welfare & Wellbeing Support

Are you having difficulties at home, University or just in need of some extra support? SHOC's Welfare Advocates are trained professionals that can connect you with the support you need to enhance your personal wellbeing. 


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